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Tour of Cape Comorin

International Cycling Tour Cambodia

Republic Day Heritage Ride

World Heritage Day Ride

Cycling Yogis 10th Anniversary


 About Us

Cycling Yogis is an initiative comprising of people from various walks of life with a common passion for cycling and respect towards heritage. Since our inception in the year 2012, we have been organising Heritage rides, publishing books on the city of Madras, and curate Vintage Bicycles Exhibition.


 Upcoming Ride

Siem Reap Calling
September/October 2024

 Customised Cycling Tours

We organise Cycling Tours with Rental Bicycles ... Book a tour with us and discover heritage by cycling.

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Rediscover Madras by Cycling
Cycling Tour of Tamilnadu



Republic Day Heritage Ride - 2022

Republic Day Heritage Ride


World Heritage Day Ride - 2017

World Heritage Day Ride


Madras Day Heritage Ride - 2014

Madras Day Celebration


7th - Book Launch

Book Launch


Workshop on George Town

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